A Holistic Health Practitioner is the best friend you’ll ever have! I’m here to help you & hold your hand through one of the most beautiful lifestyle transformations you will ever make. I work with people from all over the world who want to heal their digestion, clean up their diet, and give their life a blissful boost.

Go Grain Free

All over, folks are making the switch to a grain-free way of life. It’s healing their belly, clearing their foggy mind, and even curing auto-immune diseases.

While you work with me, you will have the option to take your wellness a step further towards the Traditional. If you’ve been trying to go grain-free but feel that you need a bit of guidance, I’m your girl! I know what it takes to kick cravings, push grains out of your life, and heal your damaged belly. I’ll provide you with recipes, shopping lists, and more – all you need to do, is breathe easy! And if going grain-free isn’t your style, don’t fret. We can still move you in the direction of a clean, healthy lifestyle!

I offer two different coaching options. 1 Month, and 3 Month packages. Either can be extended, and renewed. 

30 Days of Love

Your thirty day coaching program includes 2 hour long phone/Skype/in person sessions, where we’ll discuss your progress, cultivate some inspiration, and I’ll answer any questions that you have. You’ll also receive handouts, giveaways, Yoga videos, and other surprises that will be just for you!

The 90 Day Transformation

This option is for folks who want to develop a new habit. People who have some serious healing to do, and are ready to dive in with everything they’ve got. For three months, I will guide you down the road to wellness, and make sure that you have everything you need to succeed. The Girl Eats Good 90 Day Transformation includes everything that month to month coaching does, plus a few extra personalized treats.

It all begins with a free consultation. Let’s talk about your goals. Where do you want to be in a month? In three? I can help you to get there.

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